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  • Elena Yaichnikova: Towards a Brave New World

    Aslan Gaisumov, Prospekt Pobedy, 2014. Still Video, color, sound, 14’11”

    Wednesday May 27, 6:30 pm, Institut Ramon Llull*, Barcelona

    What does it mean to be international in the globalized world today trapped between a centripetal movement of reinforcement of national borders and an unprecedented flux of mobility and migration of people across them? It seems that a question of how to live together is calling to be updated and claiming its importance in a current moment in history living through a combination of “post-” and “neo-“.

    A set of three panel presentations and a following discussion will focus on the notion of internationalism today through different perspectives and in dialogue with a local context of Barcelona.

    Moscow-based curator and current resident at BAR project Elena Yaichnikova will present a view on a political and artistic context of Russia reflecting on its enclosures and openings, inclusions and exclusions through some video works of Russian artists; Barcelona-based and Peruvian-born artist Daniela Ortiz will introduce her artistic projects that question the Spanish colonial past and it´s relation to the current migratory control system; Catalan curator Carles Guerra will focus his talk to reflect about Barcelona as a complex and problematic space determined by a dialectic between the old nation-state and the new territoriality which determines the urban condition, understanding the most urgent issue in identify which is the productive tension that makes cultural production relevant.

    *Institut Ramon Lull, Av. Diagonal, 373, Barcelona

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