Tobias Kaspar: Scene du Garage

Friday May 10, garage Servicio Oficial Opel

For a few days I’m living in silence
In these four walls of my love
Since you left the shadow of your absence
Pursues me every night and flees from me every day
Everyone fled from me, I created the loneliness around me
I don’t understand anything anymore because I’m nothing without you
I gave up everything because I have no illusions anymore
Listen to the song of our love
No, I couldn’t live without you
I couldn’t, don’t leave, I’ll die
An instant without you and I don’t exist
But my love don’t leave me
My love I will wait for you all my life
Stay close to me, come back I’m begging you
I need you and I want to live for you
Oh my love don’t leave me
They broke up on a station platform
They walked away in a last glance
Oh I love you, don’t leave me

“Scène du Garage” lyrics from the musical “Les Parapluies de Cherbourg” (1964). Music composed by Michel Legrand, written and directed by Jacques Demy.