BAR talk: Valentina Desideri, Warren Neidich and Florencia Portocarrero


Wednesday, April 6th, 07.30pm, Fabra i Coats*

In the context of BAR project curatorial program, which explores during 2016 the politics of control of human behavior, artists Valentina Desideri (IT/NL) and Warren Neidich (US/D), and curator Florencia Portocarrero (PE), in residence until the end of May, will be presenting their work and introducing the projects they are developing in Barcelona. These projects and researches will be partially shown at “The Right to be Unhappy” event, taking place at French Institut and Antoni Tàpies Foundation respectively on 6th and 7th of May.

Valentina Desideri is an Amsterdam-based artist. She trained in contemporary dance at the Laban Centre in London (2003–2006) and later on did her MA in Fine Arts at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam (2011–13). She does Fake Therapy and Political Therapy, she co-organises Performing Arts Forum in France, she speculates in writing with Prof. Stefano Harney, she writes biographies by reading people’s hands, she engages in Poetical Readings with Prof. Denise Ferreira da Silva.

Warren Neidich is an artist, writer and organizer who is founding director of the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art. For the past twenty years he has been utilizing a variety of media from photography, video, painting, sculpture, performance and installation to investigate the emancipatory capacity of artistic expression both in the world and the brain. Recently his interests have turned to what he refers to as a neuroethics: the right of every individual on the planet earth to fully activate his or her neuroplastic potential. Neidich is currently working on two major artworks at this time. In Los Angeles he is the middle of The Hollywood Blacklist Project 2013-2018. A number of preliminary projects including Book Exchange, 2014 and Double Jeopardy, 2015 are intended to set the ground work for a major public work in 2017 called Re-imagining the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Florencia Portocarrero is a researcher, writer and independent curator. She obtained her BA in clinical psychology at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, where she also received her MA in Psychoanalytical Theory. During the 2012/2013 Portocarrero participated in de ‘Appel Curatorial Programme’ in Amsterdam and recently she completed a MA in Contemporary Art Theory at ‘Goldsmiths University’ in London, where she graduated with honors. Portocarrero regularly collaborates with the international contemporary art magazine Artishock and has contributed with her writings on art and culture in numerous catalogues and publications. In Lima Portocarrero is co-founder and co-director of the independent art space ‘Bisagra’ and works as public program curator at ‘Proyecto AMIL’.

*Carrer de Sant Adrià, 20, 08030 Barcelona