BAR Resident Project: Organizing space, Cristina Bogdan

Cristina Bogdan runs ODD, an initiative in Bucharest concerned with catalyzing the local imagination via practices related to art, research, science, technology and politics. It is a space, not always with a physical correspondent, for social gatherings of all kinds.

During her one-month residency in Barcelona, Cristina inquired into local forms of organization in the cultural field, with a specific focus on hybrid, under the radar initiatives which may camouflage as art for various reasons. She also tried to get a better grasp on the political context and the role played by the grassroots movement in recent events.
Her public presentation with BAR will consist of an overview of the Bucharest context and the practice of ODD, in relation to her findings in Barcelona. It immediately opens to dialogue with all those who are interested in exchanging methods and ideas about modes of operating as small groups in times when solidarity is crucial.

There will be guided tour at Belén Zahera exhibition “A good day for palmistry” by the curator Rosa Lleó. After, Cristina Bogdan will do her public presentation.
Thanks to Nogueras Blanchard.

Cristina Bogdan