BAR Resident Project: Interspaces, Jimena Croceri

Interspaces is a group workshop to experience proximities -changes in the state of matter, feelings of time, rituality, humidity, fusion. The workshop is part of a series of meetings during which the artist invites people, collaborators, friends, to rehearse and trace spaces between their bodies. What remains, when the bodies separate is the hardened imprint, the solidified air in the shape of a bone that connect you to others.

A brief presentation of the series and several preparatory activities will be performed at the beginning, through a shared mental and physical process. The meeting is driven by the desire to activate participation of others and it is open to anyone  and every body. If the weather graces us, the workshop will be held on the beach.

Sound and music landscape by Noe Valdez Vera.

note: wear leggins or shorts under the clothes that may get dirty with plaster

Jimena Croceri