BAR Resident Project: The mountain blocks / Temporary athenaeum, Alba Mayol

The mountain blocks
My studio visit. The city as studio
Saturday 5 June, 18.00
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Following the curves of a hillside, whenever one leaves Barcelona, the coloured houses can be seen, like a dreamlike image. Clean and rational housing blocks, painted in pastel shades, placed like tightrope walkers drawing a landscape on the edge of the city. The neighbourhoods of Can Franquesa and Les Oliveres, in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, were built in the early 1970s to house working-class families coming from other areas of the Iberian Peninsula. A massive letter A inside a circle is part of its ecosystem, as if the streets were reporting micro-narratives of lives on the periphery of the urban experience with a primordial sound. The mountain blocks and their plurality of daily struggles, like the waterfalls in its streets appearing through the cracks in the rock, can be read as the possibility of material and subjective dwelling, there where a desire for a community of care flows.

Temporary athenaeum
Saturday 19 June, 18.00, Salamina
To participate in this activity please send an email with the subject “Ateneo” to

A space for the collectivization of readings, from libertarian and freethinking writings, dream, utopia and projects for possible communities, towards pores, cracks, ruins and fluid existences. A proposal to read together texts by Mujeres Libres, Emma Goldman, Lucía Sánchez Saornil, Giordano Bruno, Antonin Artaud, Boletín de la Escuela Moderna, Hakim Bey, Italo Calvino, Anna Lowenhaupt Tsing and Marosa di Giorgio.


Alba Mayol