BAR Resident Project: Time Insurgents, Tania Adam

Tania Adam & Time Insurgents + Black Hole Black Time, Odil Bright

Reprogramming the present, creating black futurities The “insurgents of time” are a group of black artists and cultural activists who come together in the framework of the exhibition “Blue Black Futures: Immersions in the radical imagination” (MACBA, 2022), to generate spaces of collective thought around black futurities and the time-space variables that configure them. For this we create fictitious laboratories in order to act against the tyranny of the clock and the logical conceptions of time with which it seems that the cosmos has to operate. Tired of being governed by time control and chronopolicies marked by the linearity of time in Westernized societies, we created this space to subvert “the consciousness incorporated in our language, our behavior and thought, where the past is fixed and the future is inaccessible.” until the present passes.” We stand before this difficulty of escaping the discipline of time, because we have learned to organize and make sense of the world in this way, and we propose, through fiction and the power of falsehood, to find ways to distort the present and glimpse other futures. possible. Based on the futuristic tradition of black artists and intellectuals, we created different laboratories for experimentation and reflection to create tools that can analyze and assemble counter-futures that break with the idea of ​​a neophyte society, governed by white supremacy and immobilized by the myth of progress. We will recover the indigenous African practices in which the awareness of the time of space is relational and circular, and future events do not depend on a certain time, the clock or a date on the calendar for their manifestation; They do not operate through continuities, memories, genealogies or inheritances, but through intervals, gaps or breaks and they oppose common sense.

Instagram live, Wednesday, March 17, 9:00 p.m.
Reflections, readings of poems and texts around time and blackness. By Tanya Adam

Workshop on the creation of futurities, an exclusive creation space for people of color and sexual dissidents.
To reserve, write an email to:, March 27 and 28.
Presentation of the workshop works, Instagram live, Wednesday, March 31, 9:00 p.m. By iki yos pineapple / Fátima Guariota

May 2021
Through sound experimentation, “Phase Interlude” aims to find out how to transmute space-time linearity based on the legacy of the Afro-futurist imaginaries of artists such as DJ Spooky or Pharoah Sanders, and the transmaterialisation of the codes of progress.
By Odil Bright

Tania Adam