BAR Resident Project: Trapitos al sol, Violeta Ospina

Cloths in the sun
Collective ritual, of reparation and sensory occupation, on the site of the old Talia theater and cinema (Martínez Soria), on Avenida Paralelo #100, in Barcelona. The site of the theater, now owned by Premium Student Housing, was inhabited by homeless and racialized families between 2019 and 2020. In the midst of the state of alarm, they were evicted from the site. Parallel to this, many news of criminalization in local media and racist comments from neighbors-trolls, flooded a Facebook group without any repercussion. We vacate these bad energies and walk the 84 meters of the aluminum wall of this empty stage, in homage to the resistance and nomadic and anti-colonial ways of life, in a context of new abnormality. Action with the support of Samu, aka La Inmunda and residents of Poble-sec and Sant Antoni.

Cinema Delicias

Cine Delicias was one of the names coined by the Talía Theater on Avenida Paralelo before it closed and burned down. We will show some scenes from “Agarrando pueblo” (Colombia, 1977), a film directed by Carlos Mayol and Luis Ospina, where pornomiseria and the romanticization of poverty for private profit in Colombia reach absurdity and parody, as a point of reference for a live mix of images and sounds from a speculative archive of the Solar project. Memes, screenshots of the virtual group ‘Amics de Poble-sec’, photographs in the Montjuïc barracks by Jacque Leonard, conversations with neighbors, hacked cuplés and articles from local racist newspapers, will be the interference for the mix and the virtual forum.

Violeta Ospina