is an artist, writer and organizer who is founding director of the Saas-Fee Summer Institute of Art. For the past twenty years he has been utilizing a variety of media from photography, video, painting, sculpture, performance and installation to investigate the emancipatory capacity of artistic expression both in the world and the brain. Recently his interests have turned to what he refers to as a neuroethics: the right of every individual on the planet earth to fully activate his or her neuroplastic potential. That every individual no matter their color, creed or sexual orientation should be able to actualize the full capacity of his or her brain. This research will form the foundation of the next Saas-fee Summer Institute of Art entitled Art and the Politics of Individuation. Neidich is currently working on two major artworks at this time. In Los Angeles he is the middle of The Hollywood Blacklist Project 2013-2018.   A number of preliminary projects including Book Exchange, 2014 and Double Jeopardy, 2015 are intended to set the ground work for a major public work in 2017 called Re-imagining the Hollywood Walk of Fame in which the names of the Hollywood Ten, the first blacklisted Hollywood directors, actors and writers, will receive dedicated stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. This work will be exhibited in collaboration with Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions in Los Angeles. His project in Berlin emanates from a five year research project in which artistic practices, as opposed to institutional and sovereign ones, deterritorialize the sensorial perceptual environment to mutate it and create differences that can be repeated. His latest project hybridizes phantom limb boxes used in the treatment of painful phantom limbs, with boxes that appear to mimic those created by Donald Judd in order expose alternative body images that can be drawn. This project is a follow up to a recent monograph entitled The Noologist Handook and other Art Experiments, Archive Books, 2014. In 2016 the third volume of the Pychopathologies of Cognitive Capitalism will launch.