Mónica Restrepo, Born in Bogotá – Colombia, 1982. Has lived in Cali (Colombia), Marseille, Paris, Lyon (France) and Beirut (Lebanon). Studied at the local Fine Arts School in Cali and did the Postgraduate program in the École Nationale Supérieure de Beaux Arts de Lyon and the Homework Space Program in Beirut – Lebanon. Through out research, performance and a documental approach she makes work based on seemingly banal and small stories, she uses as arguments to fabricate absent images, installations and missing narrations. From a performative point of view, these stories are always related to memory and documents -some of them visible some others, not- she re-stages, re-interpret or re-enact to make them talk through their impotence and failure. Recent work takes a colombian spy novel as an alibi to talk about the repressive politics held against the left in Colombia and a missing musical film about salsa music to re-stage unresolved conflicts about identity and self-exoticism.