he received his BFA degree from the Seoul National University in Seoul, Korea and his MFA degree from the Yonsei University in Seoul, Korea. Jungju An sheds light on a range of issues that concern people in different places across the world, giving universal expression to such themes in his video works by employing a particular composition of images and sound. He demonstrates a preference for the rhythms and sounds of everyday life and their onomatopoeic linguistic descriptions, which he combines to create individualistic symphonies: the wind in the trees, footsteps on asphalt, or the diffuse murmur of voices in a crowd. Working like a DJ, Jungju An creates digital assemblages from different linguistic elements that imitate sounds and so creates veritable sound scores, which he uses later to accompany his own recorded video sequences of everyday situations. He has exhibited at Kunstlerhaus Bethanien GmbH in Berlin, HIAP in Helsinki, Kumho Museum of Art in Seoul and ArtForum Newgate in Seoul. He took part in group exhibitions at MIACA in Yokohama, Beijing Museum, Cite des Sciences et de I’industrie in Paris, Shanghai Modern Art Museum, Insa Art Center in Seoul, ARCO 07 in Madrid and at the National Museum of Contemporary Art in Gwacheon, Korea.