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BAR project is an independent, mobile and non-profit organization dedicated to promote artistic exchange through local, national and international residencies and collaborations, and by developing a public program issued from curatorial and research projects.
BAR project is a curatorial collective wishing to promote new relationships and ways of working, by expanding their scope and encouraging different initiatives from those already established.Through its different projects BAR’s research process wishes to highlight relevant topics in the current political, social and economic paradigm: how to articulate its own working system, how to interact with other professionals and partners, and how to reflect on the position to be taken within in a post-Fordist immaterial labor system and the pace set by this context.
BAR project wishes to initiate long-term collaborations with projects that share affinities regarding BAR’s main points of interest by running an international residency program for artists and curators in Barcelona. This activity is conceived as a platform for the internationalization of the local context and a way of connecting artists and agents from a critical and independent perspective.
BAR project gets its name from one of the quintessential social gathering places in our culture in order re-contextualize it and be able to work from there. That place is the popular coffee and beer bar, thought as the right scenario in order to conceive our lines of thought.
BAR project uses hospitality as its working method, thinking this as an idea and strategy, as a spirit, an attitude and mode of action.
BAR project is initiated by the independent curators Juan Canela, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa and Veronica Valentini.


Direction: Juan Canela, Andrea Rodriguez Novoa, Veronica Valentini

Production: Helena Pérez