BAR project — “Drinking while walking while hosting while thinking while making together”. International residencies & training program in Barcelona.

Based on the social and informal relationship happening in popular meeting places in Southern Europe from which it takes its name, BAR project is a collaborative curatorial initiative. Having no space of its own, it considers the city of Barcelona as a public space and common place for action and exhibition of performative, discursive and other artistic gestures. These goals are achieved through residencies (BAR residency linkable) and pedagogical formats (BAR TOOL, BAR module linkable) where results are the fruit of dialogue and exchange between local and international agents and the socio-cultural fabric of the city.

BAR project has hosted more than 100 agents (both independent and institutional) from all continents. It has also collaborated with multiple spaces, projects and local institutions (Angels Gallery, MACBA, Virreina Centro de la Imagen, Ferrer y Guardia Foundation, Bar Olimpic, Bodega Armando, Bar Rufián, etc) and international (Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Palais de Tokyo, SOMA Mexico, Stroom, Gwangju Biennale, etc) and has been a resident project at La Fabra i Coats (since 2013) and at Tapies Foundation (2016-2020).

BAR project arises in 2013 as a non-profit association founded and directed by Andrea Rodriguez, Veronica Valentini and Juan Canela. Alba Vilamala, Helena Perez, Amaryllis Zachariadou, Silvia Sorini, Sara Agudo Millan, Gloria Fernández Macías have been BAR project coordinators.

Over the years, BAR project has received (in different measures) financial and spice support from sponsors, foundations, brands, collaborating institutions and local and national subsidies such as:


Esteban BernatasFundación Almayuda

ICUB Instituto de Cultura de Barcelona

Generalitat de Catalunya OSIC

Absolut Vodka

ACE Acción Cultural Española

Ministerio de Cultura de España

Instituto Ramon Llull

Fundación Banco Santander (Emplea Cultura Grant)


Fabra i Coats

Fundación Antoni Tapiès

Virreina Centro de la Imagen

Tiro al Blanco gallery

Among others 


Thanks to them, together with paid pedagogical programs, it has been possible to finance the activities and the work of agents, organizers and collaborators of the project.

If you want to support the project and the community of professionals that builds up its programe you can make a free donation here (bar project paypal) and/or buy in our shop (link).

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