Alan Sierra

Artist, Resident

Alan Sierra (Mexico. 1990) is an artist and collaborates as a writer and curator in different initiatives. His work consists of stories, drawings, small-format sculptures and live acts that can be read as short texts. Alan Sierra is also interested in tracing genealogies in the artistic canon to recognize the chains of labor that sustain works of art in parallel to the figure of the creative genius. His work links with professions related to literature-such as publishing, translation, and illustration-to create conditions that facilitate a more complex understanding of written culture.

In 2019 he published Nonverbal, his first book of drawings edited by Gato Negro. From 2019 to 2021 she was part of the SOMA Educational Program in Mexico City. She is currently pursuing master’s studies at the Institut Kuns Gender Natur in Basel, Switzerland. This year her new book Fábula encinta will be published, in which she elaborates the image of male pregnancy in the rhetoric of authors who refer to their books as their children and to the creative process as gestation.

BAR Resident Project: Vísperas, Alan Sierra