Alex Martinis Roe


Alex Martinis Roe (1982) holds a PhD in Fine Arts from Monash University, Australia (2010), and was awarded the Silver Jubilee Scholarship for post-graduate research (2006-9). In 2006-7 she was a resident at Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, Melbourne, and in 2007 undertook a summer program with Valie Export at the Salzburg International Academy for Fine Arts, Austria. Recent shows include HaVE A LoOk! Have a Look! FormContent, London (2010); Encounters: Conversation in Practice, Limbus Europae, Berlin (solo) (2010); Change, Monash University Museum of Art, Melbourne (2010); The Politics of Art, Linden Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne (2010); Opening Lines, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces, (2010); Discreet Objects, Utopian Slumps, Melbourne (2010); Affirmations, Light Projects, Melbourne (solo) (2010); Towards a Positive Politics of Difference, Monash University Faculty Gallery (solo) (2010). In April 2011 she will exhibit a solo project at Pallas Contemporary Projects in Dublin. Martinis Roe has been published in art magazines such as Art & Australia (2009) and produced artist pages for Un Magazine issue 3.1 (2009). Martinis Roe currently lives and works in Berlin.