Alfredo Aracil

Curator, Guest

Alfredo Aracil (A Coruña, 1984). Graduate in Information Sciences, Master in History of Contemporary Art and Visual Culture, program taught by the Reina Sofia Museum and the Autonomous University of Madrid. After completing his postgraduate studies, he entered the Doctoral Program at the same University in collaboration with the Centro de Estudios del Reina Sofía. His thesis investigates the transformation of psychiatric care in Spain in the late sixties through various audiovisual documents, both cinematographic and amateur, where the ambiguous relationship between the moving image and the clinic can be appreciated.

In parallel, he has curated several exhibitions, cycles of activities and seminars. Among the different spaces where she has worked are galleries such as Slowtrack, Espacio Líquido, Guillermina Caicoya or Gema Llamazares, institutions such as the Reina Sofía, the Colegio de Arquitectos de Madrid, the Centro Conde Duque or the Museo Barjola, as well as music or film festivals such as the Villamauela de Madrid or the Festival Internacional de Cine de Gijón.