Bianca Dentellato

Artist, Resident

Bianca Dentellato is a socially engaged art practitioner and researcher from Florence, Italy. Her interdisciplinary practice is rooted in the academic fields of eco-criticism, eco-feminist and post-humanism and involves creative-critical writings, movement-based performance, experimental film-making and curating. She is interested in collective forms of creation and in participatory methodologies and she is co-creator and member of the ecofeminist art collective DESFhER.
Bianca is currently interested in exploring language, the process of meaning-making and the act of naming as ecofeminist gestures for survival. She holds a degree in English Literature from the University of East Anglia (UK) and a MA in Socially Engaged Art from LIT (Ireland) and she is currently part of the OnMediation programme in Barcelona, exploring curatorial practices for the ecosocial transition.