Carlos Clemente Gil


Carlos Clemente Gil (Alcorcón, 1993). Visual artist and publisher. I move through the use of artistic practices at the service of participatory learning, non-formal and subject to its processes. Normally through the ludic and narrative, the game as a space with certain rules that allow articulating pedagogical actions and collective processes. He is not so interested in the editorial object, but rather that it becomes a tool. Graduated in Fine Arts and postgraduated in Research in Art and Creation from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid and graduated in Editorial Production from the CIC School, Madrid.

Collectively, he has developed the workshops Mimando la memoria, Seguimos sin saber lo que hacemos, Sesiones de conocimiento compartido, Ara que tothom edita, què?, the podcast A Porta Tancada and the piece Rambla 14: itinerant performance in three times. Also, I have developed experimental editorial products for PROYECTOR festival of moving images, the Santa Mònica art center and ISEA2022. He has participated too in the artistic residences of art-education in Matadero Madrid, 2018-2020 and editorial mediation in the Santa Mònica art center, 2021-2022, Barcelona. He has obtained a grant for research and innovation in the fields of visual arts, architecture and design from Generalitat de Catalunya 2022. He is part of the  design and documentation team of the PROYECTOR moving image festival.