Céline Mannens

Artist, Participant

Céline Mannens (1996, Heerlen, The Netherlands) knows how to transform  the personal into the universal. For each of her projects she, sometimes  consciously, sometimes unconsciously, uses elements of everything she  assembled in her home, in her head and on her hard drive. The urge to collect  objects and thoughts has led to an inexhaustible archive that serves as Céline’s  main source of inspiration – you might not always be able to notice at first  sight, but all her projects and designs contain a personal component.

For her graphic designs Céline works with abstract ideas, without losing  the purpose of the design. During her working process she always looks for  collaboration with people either within or outside her own field. For her personal projects she prefers to combine media, such as audio-visual  archive footage, photography and book design, to stimulate multiple senses.  Within her graphic work she distinguishes herself by making simple shapes  go hand in hand with playful and flashy elements, such as bold colours and  interesting fonts.