Cristina Ochoa


Cristina Ochoa is interested in the way in which cultural myths are produced and assimilated, either as part of manipulation strategies and exercises of power, or as searches for identity and certainty. From religion and fairy tales, to advertising, social behaviors, clichés, roles, gender, sex, and politics. The myth has been created, spread, consumed and reproduced repeatedly until it gradually became routine. Her work is the result of a multidisciplinary practice where she has dealt with desire as creative and destructive energy, towards the production of altered conditions and ruptures, aimed at generating subjective / collective and sometimes collaborative aesthetic experiences. By observing the way in which desire as a value circulates, along the systems of relationships that connect human activities, and the subsequent violence produced in these processes of negotiation and representation. Shapes that have been continually drawn and redrawn, recorded as the latest projections and limits of behavior.

She has actively exhibited her work since 2005 in different museums, galleries, institutions and independent spaces in Colombia, Mexico and internationally.