Duen Sacchi

Artist, Curator, Guest

Duen Sacchi (Aguaray, Gran Chaco—Salta, Argentina) is an artist, researcher, writer, trans* (Guaxu) migrant based in Barcelona. His work addresses the relationships between the formal practices of writing, drawing, engraving and sculpture, and their forms of reproduction from an anti-colonial, anti-racist, anti-patriarchal perspective. He has presented his drawings, sculptures and texts in different spaces, museums and institutions in Abya Yala and Europe. He has carried out the programme “Degenerate. Radical policies of art and anti-colonial trans-feminist thought (Bilbao, 2014-2017), has been tutor at PEI-MACBA (2018) and lecturer at P.O.P.S. Matadero (2019). They are currently working on their TRAUMA project on trans* transvestite migrations and diaspora. He has published Ficciones Patógenas (Brumaria & Album, 2018; Rara Avis, 2019) and Organoléptico (Eremuak, 2019). He forms part of the IraSudaka collective.