Elida Høeg

Artist, Resident

Lives and works between Oslo and Barcelona. Journalist and researcher, she investigates transnational political issues such as the climate crisis, technology and territorial conflicts through text and sound.

In 2015, Elida completed the Master Program of Experimentation in Arts and Politics (SPEAP) at Sciences Po, Paris, and founded Coyote, a cross-cutting collective working on print, film, lectures and other experimental forms. Høeg is also a graduate from the master program in International Studies on Media, Power and Difference at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Elida contributes regularly to Norwegian media outlets. In 2021, she released the non-fiction book «Håpet er i gatene. Historier fra Barcelona» with the publisher Fanfare.

BAR Tool #1
BAR Resident Project: Phenomena of Absence, David Ortiz Juan, Elida Høeg, Rosanna del Solar & Hugo Hemmi