Erick Beltrán

Artist, Guest, Tutor

Erick Beltrán (Mexico City, Mexico, 1974) His work focuses on research and reflection on the concept of editing and discourse constructions. He resorts to the use of diverse formats, such as drawings, photographs, maps, objects,… with the intention of linking public art with graphic languages. His work focuses on the mechanisms that define, evaluate, classify, select, reproduce and distribute images to create political, economic and cultural discourses in contemporary society, as well as the way in which these figures can be diagrammed and evidenced.

Often, his works take the form of prints, diaries, brochures, publications and, more recently, text-sculptures and image structures that occupy the exhibition space. The artist is interested in the way information circulates and is organized, conditioning our understanding of the world, and in language and our relationship to knowledge: his diagrams, plans and graphic systems are attempts to explain the world. His work develops in a mental cartography that can reach the scale of a building and crystallizes ideas from a forest of signs, where science and supposed objectivity are tinged with an element of irrationality.