Ericka Florez

Curator, Resident

Ericka Florez (1983, Cali, Colombia) is an independent curator and artist. Her projects can take the form of performative exhibitions, danceable lectures and publications. Currently she is interested in the relationship between rhythms and the cosmogonies that produce them. She had presented her danceable conferences in Manifiesta 11 (Zurich), in Rupert (Vilnius), in Museo experimental el Eco (México city), Festival de performance de Cali (Cali), 43 y 45 Salón nacional de artistas de Colombia (Bogotá and Medellin). She had curated exhibitions in Colombia as the 13 Salón Regional de Artistas, zona pacífico, with Juan Sebastián Ramírez and the Sección de Referentes ARTBO 2016 with Pablo León de la Barra. She has written essays, poetry and short fiction for different editorial and curatorial projects in Colombia, Spain, France, Mexico and the United States; among them she has written for the USB Map Blog of the Guggenheim foundation. Together with Mónica Restrepo, Hernán Barón, and Herlyng Ferla, she co-funded La Nocturna, a platform that creates forms of meetings around the construction of knowledge that include the body, dance, and other performative formats. Together with artist Herlyng Ferla she created a vespertine art school for kids in Cali (La casa en el aire / the floating house) in which they explore how to support children knowledge through material thinking and awakening learning processes that puts the body in the foreground. Through this school they are putting into test the idea -taken from the Reggio Emilia approach to education- of how the distribution of the sensible (spatial and material decisions) can transform and question the classic power role of teachers in education, and how to build spaces for transdisciplinary thinking.

BAR Resident Project: Distribution of Forces Through the Space, Ericka Florez