Jimena Croceri

Artist, Resident

Jimena Croceri (1981, Argentina), based in Buenos Aires, is a visual artist. Her artistic practice is characterized by intention and experiment, by resistance and fluidness. In a laboratory method wich isn’t either rational or sterile but more curious than precise her work consists of various elements wich are all protagonists: time, chance, collaboration, correlation and coincidence-they dont diminish autorship but neither do they foreground it. Recent residences and prices include the 2020 Pernord Ricard Fellowship to be artist in residence at the Villa Vassileff (Paris,France), the 2019 exchange program «Coincidencia» by Pro-Helvetia in Switzerland and the 2018 residency program FLORA ars+natura in Bogotá, Colombia. Performances and exhibitions include, among others, Centro Cultural kirchner (BsAs, 2021) MUNTREF Museum (BsAs,2021) Galeria Piedras (BsAs, 2020) Raven Row gallery (London,2019) Ausstellungsraum Klingental (Basel, 2021 & 2019) Cabaret Voltaire( Zürich,2019) Museum of Modern Art (BsAs, 2021, 2019 and 2014) U-turn project Room ArteBa (Bs As,2018) Museum of contemporary art(BsAs, 2019) Faena Art Center(Buenos Aires,2017 and 2015) Sivori Museum (2018)  HFBK (Dresden, 2016) Braque Prize (BsAs,2015).

BAR Resident Project: Interspaces, Jimena Croceri