Jungju An


Jungju An was born in Gwangju, South Korea in 1979. He lives and works in Seoul. Jungju An is a graduate of the College of Fine Arts, Seoul National University (2003, BFA) and the School of Communication and Art, Yonsei University (2011, MFA).

Jungju An is interested in the language of propaganda and its impact on the individual. His inspiration comes from his own experience of growing up in a country which has been going through a systematic radical transformation. In his experimental videos and video installations, he examines diverse types of social performances, depicting mundane situations and public events, such as military parades, sports games, community gatherings and youth activities, deconstructing and transforming them into a sequence that acquires a new significance. These are staged, recorded or archive-sourced moving images and sounds that the artist subordinates to visual semantics of his own. The frames pulsate, overlap, pause, repeat and reverse, extracting information from their original context to arrive at almost abstract – if suggestive – imagery. Through exploring the potential of the medium, the artist moves on to probing the mechanics of ideological control of the individual.