Lizette Nin

Artist, Participant

Lizette Nin, Over the past 5 years her work has evolved from being the center of her existence and how she felt, to how her work connects back to her heritage, as a BIPOC person. She has linked research and work, which has given meaning to the current stage she is navigating as an artist, where video and action are the main means of production. When she talks about an action in her work, she talks about how doing with others becomes the work, whether it is cooking or braiding hair. This action is the beginning of an investigation, beyond the books. It tells a story that unfolds before the viewer, as well as before the people who often collaborate with her.She studies the contrast between the black experience in Spain, the land of the colonizer, and how they maneuver our education to erase our memory of the slave trade. All this in order to have some degree of control over the islands they once owned. He writes about Spain and mixes history and narrative in these Visual Essays, which take us back in time so we can better understand the now.

BAR TOOL#3 publication