Magalie Meunier


Magalie Meunier is the founder of Studio Ganek, a production and distribution agency for artistic projects. She has worked in various artistic structures, from the gb agency gallery (2010-2013), to the Frac MÉCA in Bordeaux as an artistic cooperation officer (2018-2019), via the IAC in Villeurbanne where she was assistant curator (2014-2017). She continues to work as an independent critic and curator, notably in her activities with Irmavep Club (2010- 2014), at La Salle de bains in Lyon (2016-2017) or more recently at the MLIS in Villeurbanne.
With an experience of more than 10 years with artists in the artistic sector, she favors projects of production and diffusion of contemporary artworks. Within the association Studio Ganek she is interested in the context of production of an artwork and in the understanding of it through experience.