Maja Ćirić


Maja Ćirić is an award-winning curator and art critic with experience in leading and contributing to international projects. Maja was the curator of the Mediterranea 18 Young Artists Biennale, in Tirana, Albania (2017), and has been both the curator (2007) and the commissioner (2013) of the Serbian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Maja holds a PhD in Art Theory (Thesis: “Institutional Critique and Curating”) from the University of Arts in Belgrade. Her recent speaking engagements have been, among others, at Oberliht (2020), MAC VAL (2017), the Centre Pompidou (2018), and the MNAC Bucharest (2018). Her most recent writings appeared in Obieg, Artforum, Artmargins Online, Archive books, Revolver Publishing. Maja’s areas of expertise span from the geopolitical and the curatorial through curating as a practice of institutional critique. Maja thinks about the art world in terms of criticality and post-globalism and is currently working on two exhibitions examining artificial intelligence in the context of art+science, commissioned by the Serbian Center for the Promotion of Science in partnership with the EU AI Lab (July, 2020, Belgrade, Serbia & Trieste, Italy).