Simon Asencio

Artist, Resident

Simon Asencio ( b. 1988 France) holds a BA in Soft Sculpture and a MFA from the HEAR- Haute École des Arts du Rhin, Strasbourg, and graduated from SNDO- School for New Dance Development, Amsterdam.
The practice of Simon addresses invisible choreographies, often using substitution and aporia as means to develop, circulate and present his work. Simon was once told that he was some sort of escort of a new kind. Since 2014, he leads the immaterial gallery Galerie, together with Adriano Wilfert Jensen. He is also a body for Jessica’s works, a protracted performance of real-life background acting and works currently as an editor for ‘The Book of Rumours’. He joined The Army of Love in 2016.

BAR Tool #1
BAR Project: Open BAR, Simon Asencio & Eva Rowson
BAR Resident Project: Phenomena of Absence, David Ortiz Juan, Elida Høeg, Rosanna del Solar & Hugo Hemmi