Victorine Grataloup

Curator, Guest

Victorine Grataloup is director at Triangle Asterides in Marseille. She is a curator, co-founder of the trilingual artistic exchange, research and publishing platform Qalqalah (with Line Ajan, Virginie Bobin, Montasser Drissi, Vir Andres Hera and Salma Mochtari) as well as of the curatorial collective Le Syndicat Magnifique (with Thomas Conchou, Anna Frera and Carin Klonowski), dedicated to emerging creation. She studied art history and theory at the EHESS (Paris), the Humboldt Universität (Berlin) and the University of Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne, where she now teaches, and worked at the Palais de Tokyo, KADIST, Bétonsalon – centre d’art et de recherche and the Cneai before becoming an independent curator. Her work is trans-disciplinary and collaborative, at the intersection of artistic and social issues at the crossroads of languages. She is interested in the political and affective stakes of artistic practices, collective imaginations and minority representations, desirable and hospitable institutions.

BAR Talk: Elena Agudio, Victorine Grataloup, Marie de Gaulejac & Thomas Conchou