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  • Cleo Fariselli - artist

    (1982, IT) Lives and works in Milan
    • BAR artist project: Samus Varidis X9

      • cleo

      A blind and unscrupulous exploitation of the Earth has led to the collapse of the planet, but space research has brought to Light a possible salvation: a new planet, Rich in uncontaminated natural resources, that will potentially host a new human colony. Current environmental crisis has made the classic science fiction scenario of migration to other worlds, an hypothesis concretely taken into account. Many TV program of popular science instead of promoting environmental awareness as a solution to improve the situation on Earth, foster space colonization as a plausible, even inevitable solution.

      Cleo Fariselli presents a group of paintings made with agar-saccharose: a gelatinous substance used in science labs as culture media for microbiological work. Because the agar painted surfaces are fértiles to the proliferation of microscopic forms of life, they evolve and modify themselves in time until finally, they dry up completely, through a cracking and curling of the dried material it breaks away from the surface it has dried up on, to leave the paintings’ supports available for new paintings.

      The project does not include an end or final solution, but rather is based on the exploration and deepening of a both concrete and conceptual process that can be repeated cyclically. With their moist, changeable, smelly, organic appearance agar paintings recall the imagery of an alien and exotic materiality; nevertheless, they are totally terrestrial. Also questioning the idea of painting as a medium classically associated to a desire for transcendence, agar-paintings aim to celebrate, though with irony, a state of contemplation toward materiality itself.

      Cleo Fariselli residency is part of the interchange with FARE/ArteGiovanne Milano.

    • 2B0A1R3

      Friday, May 23, 18,30, Careof DOCVA & Viafarini DOCVA, Milan Talk and Screening program BAR project has been invited to participate to ‘MAY Invitational”, a project on art initiatives hosted by CAREOF and Viafarini in Milan

    • 2B0A1R3

      Viernes 23 Mayo 2014, 18.30, Careof DOCVA e Viafarini DOCVA, Milan

      Screening program
      Tobias Kaspar, Priscila Fernandes, Pauline Bastard, Ivan Argote, Marlie Mul, Cleo Fariselli, Ozlem Sulak e Nicoline van Harskampf

      “May Invitational”
      Careof DOCVA e Viafarini DOCVA, Milan




    • Artists presentations: Cleo Fariselli, Marlie Mul and Özlem Sulak

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      Artist Project Presentation: Cleo Fariselli, Marlie Mul and Özlem Sulak Sunday, December 15th, various locations A series of artists in residence Cleo Fariselli, Marlie Mul and Özlem Sulak work presentations happen. From noon they presented different actions, performances and installations in the public street and in a project space, both in Sant Pere’s area*, that have to do with the working process of the projects they have been carried out in Barcelona in recent months.