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  • Ozlem Sulak - artist

    (Kayseri - Turquía, 1979. Vive y trabaja en París)
    • BAR artist project: Les Livres Censurés Mangeables / Barcelona

      • ozlem

      In these series of performances, which began at La Compagnie as a part of European Capital of Culture Marseille 2013, Özlem Sulak incorporates the bodies of books into cakes. The coatings of the cakes are the covers of different banned books, which are printed on edible sugar sheets. Beyond the mere act of eating as a need and satisfaction the performances imply a cultural and symbolic dimension. Having focused on the banned books of the coup d’état era in Turkey and the banned books in different epochs in France; in Barcelona it will focus on the censored books during the Franco regime. We invite all the participants to approach, chose, slice and eat a piece of a book with the hope of generating anticipation, expression, reflection and happiness.

    • 2B0A1R3

      Friday, May 23, 18,30, Careof DOCVA & Viafarini DOCVA, Milan Talk and Screening program BAR project has been invited to participate to ‘MAY Invitational”, a project on art initiatives hosted by CAREOF and Viafarini in Milan

    • 2B0A1R3

      Viernes 23 Mayo 2014, 18.30, Careof DOCVA e Viafarini DOCVA, Milan

      Screening program
      Tobias Kaspar, Priscila Fernandes, Pauline Bastard, Ivan Argote, Marlie Mul, Cleo Fariselli, Ozlem Sulak e Nicoline van Harskampf

      “May Invitational”
      Careof DOCVA e Viafarini DOCVA, Milan




    • Artists presentations: Cleo Fariselli, Marlie Mul and Özlem Sulak

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      Artist Project Presentation: Cleo Fariselli, Marlie Mul and Özlem Sulak Sunday, December 15th, various locations A series of artists in residence Cleo Fariselli, Marlie Mul and Özlem Sulak work presentations happen. From noon they presented different actions, performances and installations in the public street and in a project space, both in Sant Pere’s area*, that have to do with the working process of the projects they have been carried out in Barcelona in recent months.