The Modern School (Barcelona, 1901), founded by Francisco Ferrer i Guàrdia, offered a free, rational, secular, egalitarian and non-coercive education for children and parents. The school intended a radical social change where the goal was not to adapt the student to fit into a pre-existing society, but prepare them to have a critical vision of their surroundings. During her artistic residency at BAR, Priscila Fernandes has been reviewing the curriculum of this particular program. From the perspective of an artist, she found curious that there was no aesthetic education at the Modern School. Interested in creating a debate around current educational practices, while looking back to a time when our modern conceptions of education were just beginning, Priscila Fernandes is currently working on a book – The Forgotten Book of Aesthetic Education – devising an art program following the ideals and goals of the Modern School. The process, curiosities and questions will be shared during her lecture, taking place at the Fundación Francisco Ferrer i Guàrdia.

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