BAR talk: Duen Sacchi, Paul B. Preciado

January 30th 2019:

Launch of the book “Ficciones Patógenas” by Duen Sacchi with Paul B. Preciado

“Ficciones Patógenas” could be described as a story or a set of stories about nature, were it not for the fact that nature does not exist. A small ontological-political problem that pushes the possibility of scientific enunciation towards a narrative precipice. This is how this book becomes a counter-scientific experiment on “our nature, just like that, as it could not be otherwise”. […] Going through colonial archives and disparate mythologies, Duen Sacchi tries to “prove” an unusual hypothesis: What if the apple that Adam swallowed had become an organ of the body after the expulsion from paradise, making the human something intrinsically vegetable and constitutively monstrous? In the beginning was the fruit. And only later came the tree and the body.”

Paul B. Preciado

Duen Sacchi (Aguaray, Argentina). Trans* writer, researcher, and visual artist. Independent Research Programme (PEI, Programa de Estudios Independientes) MACBA (2014-2015), Junior Studies Programme Teacher, Matadero – Ayllu, Madrid. He directed the “Degenerate” radical politics programme for anticolonial feminist thought and art- Histeria Kolektiboa (Bilbao, 2014-2017) and collaborated on El Estado Mental (‘Mental State’), Pikara Magazine, and the Soy (‘I am’) supplement.  He has produced actions, completed residencies, and presented his work at MACBA (Barcelona), Tabakalera (Donostia), La Taller (Bilbao), La Ene (Buenos Aires), and others. She is part of the Equipo Sacchi – De Santo: The National Arts Fund Grant (2017), Iberescena Grant (2017), Nau L’Estruch (Sabadell), Matadero (Madrid), Hangar (Barcelona). She is part of the collective Ira Sudaka: MUSAC (Castile and Leon).