Informal learning project led by Veronica Valentini

Huddle Formation is the informal learning project led by Veronica Valentini within BAR TOOL #0.
Proposed as studying together practice on “radical socia(bi)lity” through a program of transdisciplinary studies that cross theoretical contents with social exchange on art and society, Huddle Formation employs methodologies for empirical and social research on practicebased studies promoting the production of social knowledge through distributed and situated learning.
For example, studying memory, influence and proximity as well as the notion of quality of time through a semi-competition on listening called The most beautiful song in the world made in collaboration with artist Monica Restrepo. Or exploring notions such as guest, ghost, visitor, critical geography, local economy, with DE-TOUR. The local, the expat and the tourist aims to share personal and professional knowledge of a tourist guide – Helena Perez – and a waiter – José – on & of the city of Barcelona and looking to challenge and decolonize predicted routes and behaviors.