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  • Céline Mathieu

    Céline Mathieu (1989) is an artist, writer, and performer based in Antwerp, Belgium. Her work investigates minds, selves and 21st-century artifacts. It mainly takes the shape of prose, objects, essays, and performances. As CMMC, Céline has been collaborating with Myrthe van der Mark on physical and linguistic performances since 2014. Together with Christophe Clarijs, she co-founded Fellow Beings, an independent imprint that focusses on editorial design of publications. As a participant of Kunsthuis SYB’s writing program, she recently made a podcast with Rosie Heinrich. Céline is supported by STRTkit, a development platform for young artists. She has a Master of Art in Graphic Design and a Master of Research in Art and Design. Through her work Céline researches semi-scientific and spiritual approaches, she is interested in what we conceive as ‘knowledge’.Going deeper into fiction and abstraction to understand our relation to “what we think we know”, she will further delve into the world of hypnosis, as a means to sculpt, write and perform at BAR TOOL.