Fran Glez

Originally from Huelva and established in Barcelona, ​​Fran Glez begins his artistic training with the Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Granada. It is at this moment where he begins to worry about the new discursive lines of art and the multidisciplinary as a key axis of his work, from installation, illustration or poetry. In this stage of formation, he acquires a scholarship that takes him to study the Akademia Sztuk Pięknych of Warsaw, where he is part of the Studio of Spacial Activities of Miroslaw Balka. It is here that he approaches performance and action art. Through the workshop, he is given the opportunity to exhibit at the Turbo Gallery in the Polish capital and at the Pastificio Cerere Foundation in Rome. In the last year, he develops projects in Barcelona, ​​where she has been part of collective exhibitions, as well as fanzines, graphic design works or some mention as Finalist to the Award for Artistic Production, by the Banco Santander Foundation, the latter in Madrid. His latest projects are based on relational aesthetics, situationism, postinternet and the millennial world, always taking into account his favorite writer, Fernando Pessoa, but he could never finish The Book of Restlessness because he finds it very intense.