Julia Gorostidi

(1983, Lausanne) is an artist based in Barcelona since 2015. She is graduated in graphic design, ECAL, Lausanne (2005) and holds a Master of Fine Arts from Goldsmiths University, London (2015).
Her exhibitions include: Face to Face / Diep-Haven Festival, Newhaven (UK) and Dieppe (FR); Space of no exception, Sokol, Moscow (RU); Here, the other side, APT Gallery, London (UK); Artistic Representation and Prosumption Through Technology, King’s College, London (UK) and one of the first mornings, Homesession, Barcelona (ES). She has participated in various exchanges and residences in Russia, France and England, has co-curated Material Cryptographies, Tenderpixel, London, has been recently selected for an artist residency in Art3, Valence (FR) and is currently developing a project for a solo exhibition to be held after residence in Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona (ES) in 2017.

Through videos, performances and installations, Gorostidi explores the limits and effects of Western dichotomies in our society. Mainly concerned with intersubjectivity and perceptual variations, her work imagines diffuse intersections between these binary oppositions and invites  to think about the relationship between subject and object, between the author, the work and the viewer.