Milagros Bedoya Valdivia

Milagros Bedoya Valdivia (Lima, Peru) practice is  based on her previous  experience, particularly  in the field of architecture. Her  interest in the built environments and  the way it affects the life of its inhabitants  started during her years as an architecture student.  She believes that by analysing the way a city is designed and  used a lot of the issues afflicting its residents and communities  can start to be understood. She is interested in the social role of art  and how culture can be a tool to reclaim our right to the city. She has been able to explore these subjects through performance, installation, drawing  and socially engaged practices both in Peru and abroad. These interests that have  motivated her work in the past finally led her to choose to do an MA in Art and  the Public Sphere in London. She knew that the discussions, practices and theories around the  subjects that interested me had been available there for quite some time. She has been able to  engage and exercise art and its audiences through public facing events such as informal talks, zine making,  independent publications, participatory and educational practices in contemporary art.