Develops her artistic practice with Jesús Arpal Moya in Equipo Jeleton* since 1999. She studied Fine Arts in the University of Cuenca and graduated in the Department of Drawing of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Barcelona in Symbolism Renaissance and Alchemy. She moves this knowledges implementing them to her doctoral thesis project Una Archiva del DIY: self publishing and self management in a fanzinoteca feminist-queer, presented in Murcia in February 2016. Between 2014 and 2015 she moved to Mexico, on the occasion of her research, for a stage at PUEG in UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) where she was involved in Mujeres en Espiral project in charge of fanzines edition as Leelatu#1 y Leelatu#2: trabajo en el penal de mujeres de Santa Martha Acatitla, which she is still involved.

Interested in the translation as a performative action and visibility, her intention is to create a research group about self-publishing and self-management of femzines which it’s geopolitical axiss comprise Latin America and Spanish State.

Using the music and drawing as empower languages, the narrative of singed poetry coreographying in the drawing. Highlighting the bibliography, archive and academic quote decolonization embodying the theory through the feminisms and artivism. I suggest an iconologic study from the image sociology, a deconstructed mythopoesis from the selfstory, a biomithography and the counter-visualities from the observation and localization of the continuous screams in placards, t-shirts, tattoos,…on the streets.

Publishing temporary results in projects as Historia Política de las Flores (Jeleton) about the flower symbolism as a political language.

* Jeleton is a team to operate in iconographic, literary, musical repertoires. To propose self-taught practices and the publication of provisional results for the debate. To take the authorship to inexperience situations, humor, appropriation. To disperse the results in space, time and distribution channels, making it difficult to deactivate them by the presentation context.