Thursday July 24, 7:30 pm, àngels barcelona – espai 2

In order to memorize well, one must pay special attention to what is going on. As a unique human capacity, narrative memory consists of mental constructions which people employ to make use of experience.

Mohamed Abdelkarim collects different stories from Spain and Morocco, which deal with the notion of alienation and immigration in a specific geographical and historical context: the Mediterranean area. Through the Arab uprising, several questions surface on the dilemma about the identity of the Arab culture and its relation to Western counterpart. At the same time, culture is being dismantelled, and the death of national treatises drives him to search geographically on two places that can reflect certain phases of this relation.

Mixing fiction and real stories, Possibilities of Telling a Story, Christopher Columbus meets Diego Diaz is a storytelling performance developed through improvisation, using different materials produced during the residencies in Dar Al Ma’mun (Marrakech) and BAR project (Barcelona). Vídeos, photographs, objects and prints will build a new story in relation with the words, the space, the public and the artist´s personal experience through the traveling between two places.
In collaboration with àngels barcelona