Curator talk: Lorenzo Benedetti, Krist Gruijthuijsen, Lisette Smits y Miguel Amado + Eduardo Navarro

Next Thursday July 17 at the Fundacó Antoni Tàpies will happen:

6 pm> at Main Hall: Eduardo Navarro, one of the last artists-in-residence at BAR Project, will send a telepathic message to the audience, from his home in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

6:30 pm> Auditorium: Presentation and conversation with the curators-in-residence at BAR Project. Based on the different perspectives and positions of the resident curators, this conversation will deal with the different approaches to curating practices nowadays. Participants: Krist Gruijthhuijsen, Director of the Grazer Kunstverein, Graz (Austria) and Master of Fine Arts Sandberg Institute (Amsterdam); Lorenzo Benedetti is the Director of De Appel, Amsterdam; Miguel Amado is an independent curator; Lisette Smits is a curator and Director of Werkplaats Typografie, Amsterdam.

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