There is an -ism that is not explained in the universities; an artistic trend that does not understand of typology, aesthetics, philosophy or social context.

The Pormishuevismo is a false artistic movement that seeks to transcend the reality through the constructive impulse of the absurd and the irrational. Although is practically unknown, this -ism represents more than 35% of the spanish patrimonial heritage and explains better than any other the latest and boomyest pages of spanish Politics, Architecture and Urbanism.

This project, born on Instagram (@preferiria.periferia) proposes a satirical rereading of the “Golden Age of Waste” through a series of chapters (thirty-eight to date) and informative routes in different cities.

“ Pormishuevismo . Chapter XXXVIII: The Olympic Chimera ” is a research project which focuses on the irregularities that Barcelona carried out in the years prior to the celebration of the 1992 Olympic Games, developed within the framework of Bar Project Residencies. Let the boom begin!


Erik Harley (Terrassa, 1993) studied Fine Arts and Urban Studies at the University of Barcelona. His work is always developed around urban phenomena, focusing above all on the speculative spanish architecture of the Developmentalism and the Spanish Economic Miracle (1958-2008). He has carried out experimental audiovisual projects, as well as informative publications on architecture, interviews, essays and urban critique. * He received the Production Grant Sala d’Art Jove (Generalitat de Catalunya, 2013), the Investigation Grant Tabakalera Centro de Cultura Contemporánea (San Sebastián, 2016) and was a guest artist at the Morgenstadt Werstatt Urban Congress of Stuttgart (2017). His work has been exhibited both in group and individual exhibitions inside and outside Spain. * He is also co-founder of the curatorial collective SEASONS (2018) and currently resides between Barcelona and Madrid, working as an architectural researcher.