Alfredo Aracil

2017, Curator

(SP, 1984) Researcher, curator & writer
Thursday 12th January, 6pm
Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona

Visiting curators Summer Guthery (JOAN, Los Angeles) and Alfredo Aracil (Sala de Arte Joven 2017, Madrid) will talk about their curatorial practice and on-going projects.

Summer Guthery is a curator and writer based in Los Angeles. She is the founder and director of non-for-profit exhibition space, JOAN, she was curator in LAXART and Performa Bienal 2013 and 2011 curator assistant. She’s Crysler co-founder, a serie of lectures, projections and actions in an office of Chrysler Street in New York. In 2014, was selected curator in residency in Disjecta Art Center in Portland, Oregon, programming exhibitions and acts for 9 months.She received her MA in Curatorial Studies from Bard College’s CCS. Guthery is a regular contributor to Frieze and Artforum amongst other publications.

Alfredo Aracil is curator at Sala de Arte Joven de Madrid 2017 with the project “Apuntes para una psiquiatría destructiva (Notes for a destructive psychiatry)” which questions production mechanisms of mental disorders, as well as institutions and clinical methods involved in health management. He has collaborated with magazine Nosotros, El cuaderno, Tendencias, LUMIÈRE and now is writing for Atlántica XII and El Estado Mental.

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