Saturday May 27th, 8.30pm
Calle València 72, 4th-3rd, Barcelona

Curated by Valerio Del Baglivo
With Equipo Palomar, Anna Dot, Laia Estruch, Supterranis

Forms of Eclipse are a series of events curated by Valerio Del Baglivo, evoking the work of artists who have decided to temporarily or permanently wi­thdraw from the art-system, converting this decision into a single art piece or even into a continued and well-organized art-practi­ce. In the respect of these decisions and with the intent of publicly remembering them, Forms of Eclipse simply evokes these acts proposing a series of talks to be held on the exact dates of these art-withdrawals. What might we learn from these artists’ deployment of a work as a practice of withdrawal? How do these acts of withdrawing offer us means affecting an undoing of the regime of art production? And how does the practice of withdrawal may let the artist’s body survive or sublimate? These and other questions are at the base of Forms of Eclipse.

At the conclusion of his residency at BAR Project, curator Valerio Del Baglivo proposes to remember the work of artist Lee Lozano. In 1967 Lee Lozano started making instruction pieces that influenced drastically her behaviour within the artworld and gradually drove her to not speak with women anymore and later to quit the artworld. These pieces, together with comments and personal considerations, are transcribed on her famous notebooks whose pages are occasionally sent to friends, as a form of newsletter. At the centre of her work are themes like the patriarchal hierarchy of the artworld, women sexuality and identity, process and duration.

On May 27, at a distance of 48 years from Dialogue Piece (a key work by Lee Lozano for which she invited famous artists to engage in one-to-one conversations at her studio), a group of art practitioners will celebrate the practice of the American artist and the salient decisions that gradually led her to abandon the artworld. Playing homage to Lozano’s intention to create occasion for interpersonal exchanges, curator Valerio Del Baglivo will engage the audience in one-to-one conversations discussing the practice of Lozano. At the same time artists Anna Dot, Equipo Palomar, Laia Estruch Mata and collective Supterranis will contribute with actions and performances exploring notions such as disappearing, language articulation and redundancy, forms of personal transformation.


Introduction & welcoming by Valerio Del Baglivo, BAR Project curator in residency.

Equipo Palomar
In line with other art-pieces aimed at remembering marginal figures, El Equipo Palomar will conduct a series of short readings of Lee Lozano famous notebook instruction pieces. The reading will be intermixed with other artists’ pieces and accompanied by little interventions with the purpose of creating a rhythmical and progressive modification of the space.  

Laia Estruch Mata
Sharing publicly a personal negative anecdote, Laia Estruch plays homage to Lee Lozano and her belief of pursuing personal and public transformation, with a new voice performance. Emphasizing once again the relationship (very dear to Lee Lozano as well) between text and spoken language, the piece discusses feelings of unpleasantness, uncomfortability, shame and frustration within institutional framework.

Equipo Palomar

Anna Dot
With the help of the audience, Anna Dot will attempt to produce a “white noise”: literally a noise made up of all possible sounds and in which all acoustic signals are indistinguishable from each other. Perhaps suggesting a way to disappear into an inarticulate sound and in sync within each other, the piece explores language redundancy and polyphonic relations.

Equipo Palomar

Along the night, Barcelona based collective Supterranis will engage the audience through informal conversations on how to let one’s identity disappear into a collective entity, fake biographism, fictional artists and art-production interruptions, with their piece titled Talk Together Piece: books, comics, music and videos will be display to trigger conversations.

At the same time, curator Valerio Del Baglivo will occupy a room engaging the audience in one-to-one reading and conversations about Lee Lozano notebooks instruction pieces.

Food and drinks will be provided.

GIF by ©markbohle

Equipo Palomar
El Palomar is a diversified co-authoring project. Directed by Equipo Palomar (a collective composed of Mariokissme and R. Marcos Mota), it always looks for collaboration with other artists and cultural agents who work from the experience of dissidence in terms of identity and sexuality. To gradually create a cross-border community, we work towards visibility and shared learning, claiming the place that belongs to us in the diversity of democratic representation and the right to one’s own life.
Highlighting some of their latest solo projects, No es homosexual simplemente el homófilo sino el cegado por el falo perdido (La Capella, 2016), Hedonismo crítico (Fundació Joan Miró, 2016), Fons armari i figura per Ismael Smith (Museu Nacional/Sala d’Art Jove, 2015), or collective on Centro Párraga (2016), Es Baluard (2017), SOS 4.8 (2014), Biblioteca MNCARS (2016), galeria Àngels Barcelona (2015).

Laia Estruch
Born and based in Barcelona, her work is mostly performance-based. Her artistic proposals feature voice and word as a space of experimentation. Estruch has presented her projects, among other places, at Macba, Rita McBride’s Blind Dates, JIngle, (Barcelona, 2012), Fabra i Coats, This is Not an Art Show, Either, ‘65’, (Barcelona, 2013), JuneFirst gallery, Jingle, (Berlín, 2014) Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Interval, Accions sonores, /fu:d/, (Barcelona 2015), Fundació Joan Miró, Album Victòria, (Barcelona, 2016), Antic Teatre, Moat (Barcelona 2016), Artistas en Residencia 2017, Moat, (La Casa Encendida and CA2M).

Anna Dot
Anna Dot is artist and researcher in the Translation, Interpreting and Applied Languages Department ​​at the University of Vic. Her artistic practice is presented as a methodology to investigate issues related to cognitive processes and the transmission of power through language. Currently, writing and performance are fundamental elements of her work processes, as can be seen in her most recent projects Until I am no longer able to stand (La Capella, Barcelona, ​​2016) and S’amagaven darrere els arbres ( Walter Benjamin Route, Portbou, 2016).

Supterranis is a non defined collective that allows a diverse group of artists and curators to work together and experiment around art formats and process; theory, production, education, curating, etc. Based in Barcelona, the most know project from Supterranis has been the three editions of Festival Plaga: artistic proposals in non artistic or legitimated places.
Supterranis took part of the exhibition Co-habitar entre at Fabra i Coats 2016, also hosting a serie of talks and interventions around the ideas of production, emotions and collaboration at the same institution; Fabra i Coats. In 2014 Supterranis collaborated with a performatic lecture at El temps invertit, exhibition curated by Irina Mutt, Can Felipa Arts Visuals 2014.

Valerio Del Baglivo
Valerio Del Baglivo is a freelance curator, educator and perennial collaborator based in Turin. Collaborative research, alternative education, fiction and storytelling play a continuing and vital role within the methodology and interests of Valerio Del Baglivo. He attended Curatorlab, an independent curatorial course, at Konstfack University (2011), and is now completing a PhD Programme at Middlesex University with a research focused on public engagement and experimental pedagogy in self-initiated art institutions. Since 2012 he has curated exhibitions and projects for organizations such as, Apexart – NY, Kunstverein – Milan, Konsthall C – Stockholm, Kunsthalle Exengrasse – Vienna, Azkuna Zentroa – Bilbao,  among others. He is currently co-curate with artist Ludovica Carbotta The Institute of Things to Come a ten-months season of exhibitions and workshops at Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo – Turin – on how artists imagine future scenarios.
He is a member of IKT – International Association of Curators of Contemporary Arts.