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>> from Spring 2016 onwards
Resident project at Fundació Antoni Tàpies, Barcelona

BAR TOOL #0, the new pedagogical program by BAR project, will be host at Fundació Antoni Tàpies as part of the collaboration as resident project.

>> June – August
Basel goes to BAR project: Yanik Soland  

BAR project is collaborating with Institut Kunst HGK hosting one student a summer in the city of Barcelona. True, the summer is the time when the city does not work, but, also true in this time of the year the more informal energies allow for the most. Why summer? Are we not going to be „cooked“ by the sun? Indeed, and also gain the possibility of experiencing a place in its peak of tourist, in a very special moment of its city use. Summer, as well, is full of opportunities that entangle leisure with art production. This is a residency not to do more, but to allow the artists to transit, to think, to see, to get to know. Relaxation is an integral part of thinking, why not to create the possibility of a summer around it. First student in resident is Yanik Soland (1990), an artist and musician based in Basel. His work has two basic traits: research and humor. With those he tries to understand the development of society, culture and art. Lately he’s very interested in collaborative work and the resulting potential of partially losing control of esthetics and content. During the last years he went on tour with several music projects and played in Italy, Serbia, Japan, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary.

 >> September 2 – November 6
Fellow of the 11th Gwangju Biennale “The Eighth Climate (What Does Art Do?)

The GB11 “Biennale Fellows” consist of roughly one hundred small-and medium-scale art organizations across the world, whose work makes important contributions to the art of today, yet remains under the radar. In a two-day forum (2-4 September), Biennale Fellows, as well as their peers and colleagues, are invited to come together, share experiences and discuss the future of this kind of work, especially with regards to questions of value, continuity and scale.

Distinct from bigger-scale art organizations such as museums, art fairs, and biennials, organizations like us often function as the research and development department of the art world. Above all, we actively support artists to experiment and cultivate their practices and nurture contact and conflict zones around themselves. Yet the significance of our work is not fully acknowledged in a wider ecology, while our self-determined “marginal” or “minor” positions, as well as increasing precarity in the climate of austerity and various crises, are palpable. As Biennale Fellows, along with more than 100 other fellows, we place art center stage and create a platform to discuss specific values that our work embodies, as well as imagine acts that we can perform in common. The Forum will be one such concrete moment in which you all are welcome to join.

>>  starting on September
New entry!!! Gloria Fernández is the new BAR project coordinator

Thanks to Employ Culture grant the initiative that creates jobs in the cultural sector by Santander Fundation we are pleased to announce that Gloria Fernández is the new BAR project coordinator. Gloria Fernández is an educator and coordinator of educational and artistic projects. She studied Fine Arts at the Universitat de Barcelona, specializing in arts education, and thenceforth she collaborated with different institutions as MACBA, Fundació La Caixa, Espai Cultural Caja Madrid, Musée Mobile (MuMo) or Liminal Gr in conducting and/or coordinating several projects. In between she studied a Master’s degree in Design and Management of Exhibition Projects (ELISAVA) and shortly afterwards she coordinated Arts Libris, the International Fair of Contemporary Edition of Barcelona. She is interested in cultural mediation and transmission of contents used by contemporary art as well as the interaction of artistic structures with the public user of these.

>> September – November
BAR residency program fall residents

Sojung Jun / Jungju An – Cristina Ochoa – Mónica Restrepo Herrera

BAR project fall session residents, Sojung Jun / Jungju An (Corea),  Cristina Ochoa (Mexico – Colombia) and Mónica Restrepo Herrera (Colombia) continue developing the curatorial program for 2016, reflecting from different perspectives the politics of control of human behavior.

In collaboration with Fundación Nefkens, SOMA Mexico – AC/E,  y EMMA.

>>Apply untill Seotember 18

An eight months practice-based training program. Study period at Fundació Antoni Tàpies and Fabra i Coats – Creation Factory, Barcelona from November 2016 until June 2017.

>> Apply until the end of September
Partner Platform for the 2017 edition of the Future Generation Art Prize

The Future Generation Art Prize is a worldwide contemporary art prize to discover, recognize and give long-term support to a future generation of artists. The last edition of the prize in 2014 received over 4,000 applications from over 130 countries, and its 21 shortlisted artists participated in a special exhibition in Kiev. The winners were Nástio Mosquito (Angola) and Carlos Motta (Columbia), who split the $100.000 prize. The exhibition included 21 finalists, among whom were Neïl Beloufa (France), Cally Spooner (UK), GCC (Arabian Gulf Region), Ximena Garrido-Lecca (Peru), Kudzani Chiurai (Zimbabwe), and Cécile B. Evans (USA/Belgium). After the great success of the third edition, we are pleased to launch the fourth edition of the prize, which will culminate with an exhibition of the shortlisted artists in Kiev in February 2017 and in Venice, Italy, in conjunction with the 57th Venice Biennale in May 2017. Artists around the world under the age of 35 may enter the competition through an open call online application available in ten languages and open for three months online: Mid-June – September 2016. After the application period, the Selection Committee will shortlist twenty artists for an exhibition at the PinchukArtCentre in Kiev, which will be judged by an International Jury. The Jury will then award one main prize of $100,000.